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Aluminum alloy air volume regulating valve [vcd-lm]

Aluminum alloy air volume regulating valve [vcd-lm]

Aluminum alloy air volume regulating valve [vcd-lm]

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Product Description

◆ Texture of material: (anodizing) high strength aluminum alloy

◆ Blade characteristics: Extruded section 108 × 16

◆ Outer frame: L=125mm E=40mm

◆ Seal: Moon silicone

◆ Drive: linkage rotation

◆ Adjustment mode: manual and electric

◆ Service temperature: - 40 ~ 90 ℃


The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, low leakage, small friction moment, small noise, flexible operation, good blade rigidity, corrosion resistance, light and reliable operation, simple installation, etc.


Product Details

◆ Aluminum alloy air valve is mainly used for air volume regulation and pressure control in ventilation and air conditioning system. High strength aluminum alloy anodized profiles are selected for the outer frame and blades, with high corrosion resistance. Vcd-lf drives blades through gears, and the blades are split type air volume regulating valves. The vcd-lm is driven by the outer connecting rod, and the blades can be of the opposite or parallel structure.

◆ The blade and blade, blade and outer frame are sealed with sealant strip to effectively prevent leakage.

Manual adjustment has six gears in the range of 0 ~ 90 ℃, and various electric actuators can also be selected.

◆ vcd-lf is driven by gears, hidden in the frame, which can avoid dust accumulation and damage.

◆ vcd-lm can be driven by connecting rod with connecting rod cover plate to prevent dust damage.
◆ Model selection: in principle, the height direction (H) is 100mm / gear (without the size of the lower frame).

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