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Air duct access door [acd-a]

Air duct access door [acd-a]

Air duct access door [acd-a]

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◆ The access door is widely used on the air conditioning or vent system pipeline. It is used as the observation port when the equipment is overhauled or installed on the side wall of the air conditioning fan cabinet as the access door, so as to facilitate the maintenance of various valves and unit accessories in the pipeline.


◆ The access door interface is mainly composed of door frame and door core, which is formed by bending and pressing of 0.6 ~ 0.8mm thick metal plate.


◆ The maintenance door core is equipped with 20mm thick thermal insulation material, and the bottom edge of the door core is provided with a high temperature resistant sealing rubber strip to achieve the function of sealing and constant temperature. The door frame is equipped with a lock catch, which can be taken out by rotating to a certain angle. The installation is simple and the use is convenient.


◆ Material: it is galvanized plate, or stainless steel.


◆ The thickness of the door core can also be customized according to the requirements of the customer's project. When placing an order, please provide the opening size.

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