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  • FK-TS2,Linear slot diffuser

    FK-TS2,Linear slot diffuser
    Model No:FK-TS2
    Product Name:Linear slot diffuser


  • Handle

    Model No:
    Product Name:Handle


  • PC-01,Plastic Connector

    PC-01,Plastic Connector
    Model No:PC-01
    Product Name:Plastic Connector


  • SC-2,Spring Clip

    SC-2,Spring Clip
    Model No:SC-2
    Product Name:Spring Clip


  • FK-QPK,Ball Jet Diffuser

    FK-QPK,Ball Jet Diffuser
    Model No:FK-QPK
    Product Name:Ball Jet Diffuser


  • FK-GF,Drum Jet Diffuser

    FK-GF,Drum Jet Diffuser
    Model No: FK-GF
    Product Name:Drum Jet Diffuser


  • FHW-1(FD),Fireproofing Control Damper

    FHW-1(FD),Fireproofing Control Damper
    Model No:FHW-1(FD)
    Product Name:Fireproofing Control Damper


  • PRK-1(BSD),Remote-Control Plate Style Smoke Damper

    PRK-1(BSD),Remote-Control Plate Style Smoke Damper
    Model No: PRK-1(BSD)
    Product Name:Remote-Control Plate Style Smoke Damper


  • PRK-2,Automatic Panel Smoke Damper

    PRK-2,Automatic Panel Smoke Damper
    Model No:PRK-2
    Product Name:Automatic Panel Smoke Damper


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As far as we know,the main reason for any valuable customer from different part of the world is looking for some best-cheapest products from the manufacturing center---China.Those who only care about price but ignore even the very basic reasonable quality may not have the interest in HUALIANDA,because we insist to do business in a honest,reliable and reasonable way.It means that we should never be able to be win the simple price competition with those so-called flexible yet unregulated factories or traders,but we believe there are also enough reasons for you to consider cooperating with us,because we can offer you the following keypoints,which are very critical for international business.


Q1: Which kinds of product we can offer?
1) Product Center have showed all of our products ,which are in our normal standard design.You can find specification of them listed on product section.
2) Our newest products also will be exhibited aperiodically on this website
3) If you have special request to our goods,Pls send me its drawing,our help maybe useful

Q2: How to make an order?
1)  Go to the Products Page
2) Find out your need/interest and click into “Inquiry Oline" ,then write  down details to us,
i.e.Enquiry FOB prices for  square ceiling diffuser   Neck Size :450X450mm   powder coating   100PCS  
3) Send E-mail/MSN directly to us,Pls attach on your RFQ.

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